Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here's a good question:

NYMag's Vulture blog asks: "Does the world really need a No Doubt Comeback"?

Why go back? It's not like anyone is demanding that she write any more songs about her relationship with bassist Tony Kamal.

Which is a good point. From what I can tell, it's more a reunion tour than a comeback; efforts to record new material have failed, though according to publicist, it can't be a reunion tour if the band never broke up. But the nostalgia-fueled ticket sales smack of reunion tour, and the awkward imaging to introduce kids who came of age during the Gwen solo years makes it clear that the band might as well have disbanded. When No Doubt made it big, the band was never not about Gwen's headlining the group, but now anything No Doubt puts out will have to struggle not to be Gwen, and then the other guys, and the kids and the Bush guy, even music-wise, I think, if only to attend to a demand. Still, ticket sales are fantastic, and you could never fault them for bad taste: Janelle Monae will be opening for the group's NY shows.

Um. And I want her shirt. The pants can go away.

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Northern Jon said...

No Doubt were great, that performance is a bit weak tho.


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